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Cybersport gamers and their followers want to have a fast and seamless payment service that does not interrupt the gaming process. Corytech is a secure and reliable platform that successfully manages cybersport payments and all the related risks, like fraud and chargeback.

Bet to Your Favorite Cybersports and Win the Reward

Seamless Payment Process

After your pass simple registration and verification, the process of payment from the Corytech account is quick and easy, with no additional transaction checks.

Service Quality

With Corytech you can enjoy fast payment, a user-friendly interface, and a professional support team that is ready to help with all issues you can possibly face.

Global Reach

Corytech offers the widest geographical coverage so you can place your bets from any spot of the world and get your winner reward, too.

Smart Payment System

Anti-Fraud System

Special Corytech anti-fraud system monitors all transactions and prevents data loss and misuse due to hacker attacks or malware.

Money Safety

If you place bets with credit cards, a bank can block it and you will lose access to your money. Corytech account will never be blocked and your money is safe.

Cross-border Payments

If you want to place a bet on your favorite team or player from another country, you can easily do this with Corytech, with no payment delay.


You can easily use your Corytech account because of the user-friendly interface. All functions are available with one-two clicks.

Immediate Transfers

In cybersport betting, several seconds can make a lot, if you place a bet in the proper time. With Corytech your bet will arrive at the bookmaker in time.

Multi-Currency Platform

You can place a bet in a cryptocurrency of your choice, or with fiat currency, and set up the automatic exchange for your convenience.

How to start

Fill out a simple form

Just fill out a form quickly to get started, and we will reach out within minutes.

Register your personal account

Get API documentation and get access to all your transactions in your personal account

Integrate with your website

You can see all payments and balances, and make reports in your personal account

Can I use the Corytech platform to deal with League of Legends?

Yes, you can manage activities with any kind of cybersports using your Corytech account.

Can I use Corytech for bulk payments?

Yes, you can send and accept payments to and from online bookmakers.

Why should I use cryptocurrency in cybersports?

Crypto payments are safer because your crypto wallet cannot be blocked for betting. A payment from a credit card can be blocked by a bank.

Ready to get started?

Explore Corytech or create an account instantly and start accepting payments. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.