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For digital nomads and other freelancers with clients all over the world. Corytech offers a single solution to get payments from various countries and payment systems. Manage all your earnings in the single source of truth.

Accept payments from clients globally

Quick access to payment platform

Customers from around the globe can use the platform easily by answering a few questions and passing a simple verification.

Fraud prevention

Corytech protects your finances from hacker attacks and scam schemes. Crypto payment systems are less vulnerable to data misuse, too.

Simple and fast

Each payment can be sent in several clicks, and it lands the target account almost instantly.

Smart Payment System

Easy Management

User-friendly interface and simple payment management system make Corytech easy to use

Payment Routing

Intelligent payment routing helps make payments immediate, without waiting for hours.

Variety of Payment Choices

Pay your peers with a currency of your choice, with many currencies available for Corytech clients.


Set up auto conversion for different currencies to save time and avoid market volatility.

Fraud Protection

Corytech anti-fraud system monitors all transactions and immediately blocks all suspicious activities.

Multi-Currency Platform

Corytech allows using different cryptocurrencies to send and accept payments on your account.

How to start

Fill out a simple form

Just fill out a form quickly to get started, and we will reach out within minutes.

Register your personal account

Get API documentation and get access to all your transactions in your personal account

Integrate with your website

You can see all payments and balances, and make reports in your personal account

Can I accept payment in fiat currency using Corytech?

Yes, you can accept payments in conventional currencies like EUR or USD, or others available on Corytech.

How can I send money using Corytech?

Sending or withdrawing money is easy with our user-friendly personal cabinet. Simply choose from the left sidebar the action you want to fulfill and enter the details after that.

Can I withdraw money to my credit card?

Yes, you can withdraw money to your credit card. Choose the options from the left sidebar and follow the instructions step by step.

Ready to get started?

Explore Corytech or create an account instantly and start accepting payments. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.