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Corytech payment system helps iGaming businesses to offload the risks and complexity of staying compliant around the globe and connected with players. We can level your iGaming business up with fast and streamless payments that do not interrupt the gaming process. Whether you run an iGaming business or just play online, Corytech is a reliable solution.

Run an iGaming Business swiftly

Easy Installation

You do not need to hire a software engineer to set Corytech payment system on your website, it is very easy to set up.

Technical Support

Our high-skilled support team helps you at any stage of your work with the Corytech system, whether you are a business owner or a common user.

Wide Coverage

Corytech works globally, so you can use it in any country you live and run a business, and send and receive payments all over the world.

Smart Payment System

Easy to Use

Corytech offers simple registration, and a visually appealing and easy-to-understand application interface both for desktop and mobile gadgets.

Instant Payment

While any hold-up leads to client’s dissatisfaction, Corytech offers immediate payment, without additional transaction verifications and delays.

Affordable Price

If you use Corytech for business, we can offer a reasonable price for our product for a broad range of services that meet your business requirement.

Batch Payments

Sometimes it is necessary to send payments to many clients simultaneously. Corytech allows batch payment in several crypto and conventional currencies.

Fraud Prevention and Security

All payments via Corytech are safe because of the high-security standards, anti-hacker protection system, and automated tracking of all activities.

Multi-Currency Platform

Corytech operates with several most popular cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, so you can choose the most convenient option for you.

How to start

Fill out a simple form

Just fill out a form quickly to get started, and we will reach out within minutes.

Register your personal account

Get API documentation and get access to all your transactions in your personal account

Integrate with your website

You can see all payments and balances, and make reports in your personal account.

Can I exchange one currency for another with Corytech?

Yes, you can exchange currencies with Corytech and even set up an auto exchange to save you time.

Can I customize the Corytech interface?

For business clients we offer interface customization, in particular, adjusting the interface to your visual brand identity.

Ready to get started?

Explore Corytech or create an account instantly and start accepting payments. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.